Plumeria Image Sorter

Plumeria Image Sorter 1.0.6

Simple and portable photo organiser


  • Allows you to organise photos by keyboard
  • Fits on a USB stick
  • No need for installation


  • Image viewer is limited
  • Only allows a certain number of keyboard functions

Not bad

Plumeria Image Sorter is a simple and flexible program that allows you to view your photographs and reorganise them in a simple and efficient way. It's key feature is that it allows you to configure a multitude of keys that can be used to organise your photos.

This practical utility allows you to see your photos quickly, move them to other folder, rename and erase therm in just a few key strokes. Plumeria Image Sorter is free, open source, and it does not require installation - you can simply decompress it and run ii from the EXE file. This means that it can also be used on a USB stick making it very portable too.

This application probably counts portability as its most useful feature added to the fact that you can throw away your mouse and use your keyboard to organise your photos instead.

A simple, portable, and reliable image viewer/organizer that can quickly sort and organize a large amount of images using keyboard hot keys or the mouse.

It requires no installation and can be carried anywhere on a USB stick. If you're sick of using your mouse to organise your photos, Plumeria Image Sorter could be your solution.

Plumeria Image Sorter


Plumeria Image Sorter 1.0.6

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